It is a company formed by professionals with extensive senior management experience in national and multinational companies.

  • We are born with a vocation of closeness and proximity to the business, so we engage directly with the company.
  • We are passionate about challenges and focus on serving small and medium business.
  • We operate quickly and together to offer solutions to competitive challenges .
  • We manage change; adapting the business to the customers needs and the demands of today's market.



We place Senior Interim Managers with a long and successful career to help organizations and their executive team to strengthen their position in the Spanish market.

If you are considering Spain as a place where you will invest, let me remind you that Be a prop -  Interim Management & Consulting is a company based in Sant Quirze del Vallès, Barcelona just in the middle of the Vallès Occidental which is one of the most competitive counties in Catalonia.

From Catalonia you will have a privileged gateway to the rest of Spain, Portugal,  Latin America due to its strong economic, historic and cultural tie, and also to the North of Africa.





We are a company which offers Interim Management Services and Strategic and Operations Consultancy.

Our company provides Interim Managers with extensive experience and a proven track record to quickly and successfully address key business areas such as new projects, changes in strategy, internationalization or opening new markets.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the solutions for adaptation to change in the market. Enabling the business to grow in competitiveness and maintain high efficiency levels.